Scam Likely

SCAM LIKELY is a short film that was more or less made by accident.

Directed and Edited by Collin Insley and starring Marc Ewins and Elliot NortonSCAM LIKELY premiered at the 2022 edition of Filmfort, and subsequently screened at the Sun Valley Film FestivalNewport Beach Film FestivalTacoma Film Festival, and Eastern Oregon Film Festival.


It was July, and the weather was apocalyptic with temperatures consistently clocking in at over 100 degrees and an Air Quality Index in the red. You know, optimal conditions…

Collin had written a short script for Marc Ewins, that we hoped to film with assistance from our good friends Elliot and Chuck Norton from LowerGentry Studios, but the story largely took place outside, so…. rather than subject ourselves to the elements or just call the whole thing off, we decided to pivot inside and improvise a completely different film around a simple premise:

A guy gets a call from a suspicious number – probably a scam call. Rather than ignore it, he answers, with the intention of messing with the person on the other end. Comedy ensues.

(L to R) Daniel Klamerus, Elliot Norton, Chuck Norton, Marc Ewins

We were finished filming in about four hours, and though there was still the matter of post-production, we all felt upbeat about what we had done.  Even still, at the time, we couldn’t imagine the journey we were about to go on…

(L to R) Collin Insley, Marc Ewins and Daniel Klamerus at the 2022 Sun Valley Film Festival.


directed & edited by Collin Insley
improvised by Marc Ewins & Elliot Norton
cinematography by Daniel Klamerus
sound by Chuck Norton
music by B. Morgan Waters