Wednesday follows Trevor, a man desperate to find his car keys.

The film was shot over the course of one day in Boise, for the cost of a couple of gas station hot dogs.

Since premiering at the Colossal Cinematic Showcase in 2020, Wednesday has also screened at KinoFest 2021 and won the Spirit of Indie Filmmaking Award at the 2020 Twin Falls SANDWICHES Film Festival.

Check out this teaser, and stay tuned for the film to be made available online after it completes its festival run at Filmfort 2021.



We had only known each other for a few months before we made this film, but you know what they say, it’s the quality of the time spent, not the quantity. So keep that in mind when you picture (literally) the second time we ever hung out: a drive from Boise, ID to Reno, NV and back. That’s 14 hours in a car for those keeping score at home. Suffice to say we knew each other pretty well by the end of that little jaunt.

The why of that trip is a story for another day, but the what is that we found that we both shared a desire to stop making excuses, and just make some damn movies.

So in early February, we picked a day, reached out to some actor friends, started batting around story ideas, and settled on one that we thought would be fun.

Then, on the day of, for one reason or another, none of our friends were able to help out anymore. So, we started from scratch, just the two of us, and by 4pm that day, we had shot, Wednesday.