Scam Likely

The next short film from Bannock Films, made in partnership with LowerGentry Studios.

Currently making its way through post-production and eyeing a festival run in early 2022. Details forthcoming. For now, read a statement from director, Collin Insley:

I can only articulate what it felt like to make “Scam Likely,” and hope that that feeling extends to the viewing experience. This is a film that almost happened by accident. The day we shot it had originally been blocked out to shoot something completely different, but nasty weather conspired to make that shoot unfeasible. Rather than call the whole thing off, our team all agreed to pivot inside and more or less improvise a short around a simple premise. There’s a lot I can say about making films this way, but on a personal level, I love it because it reminds me why I fell in love with filmmaking in the first place. Making this film with my friends near Boise, Idaho took me back to my teenage years making movies with my friends in Southern California. It felt loose. There was zero pressure. It all felt vital and alive and charged with creativity – and all we were doing was having some fun with a camera. Speaking of the camera… more than anything, I simply could not wait to be able to point that camera at Marc Ewins and just watch the magic happen. He is phenomenal, and my favorite actor. I’m so excited for you to discover him, and on behalf of the entire team behind “Scam Likely,” we hope you enjoy the film!